Kitchen is very important place for the women specifically in Indian context where most of time is passed by the females in dealing with food preparation. The planning of kithen is entire process includes three activities 1. Preparation 2. cooking 3. Washing mainly and these three forms the work triangle. In the cooking activity of the kitchen movement flow is between three places where you do three different tasks: preparation, cooking, and washing using sink, cooktop and refrigerator, respectively. Imagine a triangle that connects them. This is your work triangle, and it’s the heart of your kitchen design. Ideally, each side should be at least 4 feet long, but less than 9 feet long. Of course, you’ll also need a place for food preparation like cutting, and the most efficient place for that is within your work triangle. It could be a countertop on an island, or between the cooking and food storage zones.

One plan that utilizes the classic work triangle is the Corridor. The counters and cabinets form two parallel lines that create a space in the middle similar to a corridor. While space can be limited in this layout, it is highly affordable and completely functional. It is the most ideal for one or two people in the kitchen.

The L-Shape plan, similar to the Corridor, uses the work triangle but in a less narrow space. This plan also allows for more counter space, which is another plus.

The U-Shape plan is a combination of both the Corridor and the L-Shape. It is the most space of the three plans, making it the ideal if there is enough square footage for it. Choose the best layout for your home and your family.