Projects Execution includes single window solution for complete handover of interiors, which is ready to use immediately. Which includes following steps:

STEP 1: Measurements of Existing Site and preparation of sketch plans.

STEP 2: Finalisation of interior plans as per the inputs provided by the clients.

STEP 3: Preparation of Detailed working drawings and interiors views.

STEP 4: Finalisation of Detailed specifications of the interiors materials to be used.

STEP 5: Preparation of Detailed estimate & Tender docuement.

STEP 6: Execution of the interior project engaging the skilled workforce under proper supervision.

STEP 7: Maintaining detailed documents to ensure proper quality control and use of specified materials.

STEP 8 : Hand over of compeleted site to client, ready to use.

STEP 9: Submission of As built drawings.